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Peter j. Sobeck (the lowercase “j” is a family trademark) will tell you with a laugh that he came into the real estate business as a S.O.B…  A son of a broker, that is. As a second-generation real estate veteran, the business is in his blood.  After nearly 37 years in the business, Sobeck isn’t close to slowing down.
Sobeck is responsible for overseeing the firm’s departments, including Citi Habitats’ training and coaching programs, both for the agent community as well as managers.  He also supervises the Senior Managing Directors of the firm’s branch offices.
“When it comes to training, we are taking Citi Habitats’ already stellar platform to the next level.  Improving on our strong foundation, we have added new programs to ensure that all agents are given the tools they need to build their business.  Market knowledge, impeccable customer service and vital tools like marketing, business development, pricing and negotiation skills are the keys to success, and all our agents are well-equipped to take their career wherever they want it to go,” says Sobeck.
Sobeck began his real estate career in 1978, and obtained his broker’s license in 1981.  He started his career working for his mother’s firm, Joan m. Sobeck, Inc.  After several other management/leadership roles at various companies under the NRT LCC umbrella, Peter was named Senior Vice President of Business Development for NRT, which is the nation’s largest operator of residential real estate brokerages, as well as the parent company of Citi Habitats.  In this position, Sobeck travelled the country to advise NRT affiliates on recruiting, coaching and retaining successful agents.  In the process, Sobeck also learned the best business practices from some of the most successful agents and brokers in the United States, which he is now eagerly sharing with Citi Habitats.
In 2011, prior to joining the firm full-time, Peter began a highly successful training program at Citi Habitats, where he held dozens of training and coaching sessions for the firm’s management team and agents.  Among his most successful initiatives was CHADS (Citi Habitats Agent Development Series) where he helped agents realize their full potential as business owners.  These popular programs are offered on a monthly basis.
In addition to leading Citi Habitats’ training platforms, Sobeck is also responsible for spearheading the brokerage’s recruiting program.  In this arena, his goal is to attract the best talent, regardless if they are veteran agents, or new to the real estate business.  “Our goal is to be selective with recruiting,” Sobeck explains.  “Each new association should raise the bar.  I work closely with the Senior Managing Director of each branch office, along with our Recruiting Manager to ensure that their location is ‘The Place to Be’ for brokers in their respective area.”
Sobeck also works closely with Citi Habitats’ President, Gary Malin, in making strategic decisions for the firm’s future.  Regarding this collaboration, Malin states, “In addition to his impressive experience, and considerable skills as a coach and mentor, Peter - perhaps most importantly – brings a fresh set of eyes to the table.  He is able to question old standing policies from a new perspective, and ask why things are the way they are.  He’s not mired in the past, but instead looks only towards the future, which I think is a great thing.”
Sobeck is also excited about his future at Citi Habitats.  “I continue to be impressed by the culture,” Sobeck explains. “People, agents and managers alike, are passionate about our firm and are truly committed to its success.  Our business model is refreshing and unique. Citi Habitats has mastered the art of getting new agents up, running, and productive quickly which is why I feel we have the best training in NYC.   Our equal focus on sales and rentals helps agents develop into well-rounded real estate professionals.  When I was presented the opportunity to join Citi Habitats full-time, I didn’t hesitate.  I’m excited to be a part of the growth and continued success of one of NYC’s most dynamic, full-service real estate companies.”
Peter Sobeck - NYC Real Estate Agent

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