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250 Park Avenue S., 5th Fl., New York, NY 10003
C: 646-220-0235 | O: 212-683-8300 | F: 917-262-7202

Edward Shafidiya is a hard-working professional who loves a challenge, and helping others. With many years of experience in customer service, he is highly focused on his clients’ needs and capable of finding the most creative and satisfying solutions. Known as being kind, patient and attentive, Edward is extremely personable and never pressures, but knows when to “turn up the heat” in order to get the job done when his clients decide on what they want.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Edward has lived in the city his whole life, and appreciates the fact that that it’s so lively and brimming with things to do and see. He holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from Brooklyn College. For over 10 years, he honed his customer service and sales expertise in the hospitality industry before applying his skills to real estate.

“Excellent service requires listening to your clients, understanding their specific requirements, and developing keen product knowledge to provide the best results. Looking for a home may be traumatic at times, but I will be the guiding light to get you where you want to go. While you may not always get everything you want in a NYC apartment, but with an open mind, we’ll get as close to it as possible!”

Edward Shafidiya - NYC Real Estate Agent

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